City Hall

  1. Board of Aldermen

    The Natchez Board of Aldermen is a 6-member board of elected officials who serve as the legislative representatives of the City of Natchez as well as their respective wards.

  2. City Attorney

    The City Attorney’s Office provides legal representation for any legal actions taken against the City of Natchez for various reasons and represents the City of Natchez.

  3. City Clerk

    The City Clerk’s Office supervises all accounting throughout the city and ensures that individual departments and offices are practicing the most recent accepted accounting practices.

  4. Mayor

    Biography and Contact Information for the City of Natchez Mayor.

  5. Municipal Judge

    Learn about the responsibilities of the Municipal Judge for the City of Natchez.

  6. Departments

    City departments contained within the government structure of Natchez, MS and the services they provide.

  7. Calendar of Events

    Find events for the City of Natchez.