Welcome- New Hire


Welcome to the City of Natchez!   We are delighted that you will be joining us as a new member of the team. Your position is vital to helping us fulfill the mission and vision of our great City, and we know that this is the beginning of a mutually rewarding association.

As with anyone starting a new position, you may be wondering about the requirements for orientation.  When you are scheduled to report to the Personnel Department, please bring your completed employment packet and two forms of identification (an official picture ID and another employment document; i.e., social security card, birth certificate, passport) to verify your work eligibility status (this is mandatory).  If your employment packet is incomplete and you do not present the required employment eligibility documents, this may cause a delay in processing your payroll.  If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact Personnel @ 601-442-5962.   We are here to assist you during the new hire process.

            Again, welcome to the City of Natchez!