City of Natchez

Board of Alderman

The Natchez Board of Alderman is a 6 member board of elected officials who serve as the legislative representatives of the City of Natchez as well as their respective wards; They also chair committees regarding Education, Technology, Recreation, Quality of Life, Health, Fire & Police, Public Properties, Health, Finances and Streets.  The Mayor of Natchez has the deciding vote in any matters in which the Board of Alderman are evenly split.
The Natchez Board of Aldermen meets twice monthly on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month at City Council Chambers at 5:30 p.m., these meetings are open to public.  City Council Chambers is located at 115 South Pearl Street, Natchez MS 39120.  The public is welcomed and encouraged to attend Board of Aldermen meetings and upon request are allowed to address the Board of Aldermen, Mayor, City Clerk, City Attorney and general public about matters in which they would like to inform, ask questions, make comments, and/or appeal previous decisions of the any City board or commission, including Natchez Metro Planning Commission, Historical Preservation Committee, Site Plan Committee, Department of Planning & Zoning, Inspection Department, City Engineer, Public Works, Traffic Department and any other city board/commissions/committees/departments.

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