City of Natchez

City Engineer / Water Works Department

David M. Gardner
City Engineer & Superintendant of Natchez Water Works

City Engineer
150 B North Shield Lane
Natchez MS 39120

Phone: 601-445-7520
Fax: 601-445-7523

Superintendent of Water Works
150 North Shields Lane
Natchez MS 39120

Phone: 601-445-5521
Fax: 601-445-0028

David L. Atkins, Assistant City Engineer & Assistant Superintendent of Natchez Water Works
Sylvia Mayfield, Office Manager

The City Engineer’s Office provides:

  • Technical and Professional assistance towards the planning and development of City of Natchez sponsored projects
  • Develops plans,  specifications and budgets for the City of Natchez for all streets, water, sewer, drainage systems
  • Maintains the Geographical Information System (GIS) for the City of Natchez
  • Administers contracts and ensures integrity of all capital improvements
  • Conducts research into public records to ensure and provide correct information regarding 
    right-of-ways, easements, easement acquisitions and compliance with municipal ordinances
  • Ensures projects provide sufficient public safety and maximizes the expected lifespan of specific projects by performing due diligence on techniques, engineering practices, and general construction practices and procedures
  • Responds to public request/concerns and assist in providing corrective measures and ideas
  • Involved with the review of private land uses, residential developments and commercial 
  • Provides general oversight to the Traffic Department as needed

The Natchez Water Works operates all water works and sewage works of the City of Natchez.

  • Provides over 1 Billion gallons of water annually
  • Operates Water Treatment Plant that allows for water to for potable use
  • Distributes treated water to residential and commercial customers for consumption and 
    commercial use.
  • Ensures all water treatment processes and procedures exceed all State and Federal Standards 
    and regulations
  • Manages sewer collection using the City-wide network of gravity and pressurized pipes
  • Operates and manages Waste Water Treatment Plant, including ensuring all processes and 
    procedures exceed State and Federal standards and regulations
  • Maintains all water and waste infrastructure

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